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With the gap assessment about the women who have not done that significant role outside the periphery of their ability we hence thought of a event where we may introduce about women’s at business, women at office and women working home. There will be a platform where all the women who had endured, succeeded, sustained, adopted and created a huge opportunity in their areas and field are welcomed, introduced, awarded and their success stories, their hard ship, their struggle and motivating story is conveyed to the public.
With the small concept about a girl who has a dream when she is small, when she grows in this male dominant society she slowly turns into the cultural system and forgets her dream. Slowly her dream is what her husband dream is. Then she has kids and her dream goes to the dream of her children. She is always a supporting body for her family and friends but giving support to her is again another question. If we can make that girl who had dream to continue their dream till she gets old then only significant population of the nation will be beneficial with their potential for the overall growth of the nation.
With this basic concept we have planned a event where we will bring three women as panelist; WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS (social and business), WOMEN INTRAPRENEURS AND WOMEN WORKING AT HOME. These three women’s needs recognition, praise and their inner stories of struggle and how they turned out to be something inspirational is very critical for the core understanding and transformation of the peoples.